General information on credit card payments

OTP Bank Nyrt. – with its SSL based card acceptance system – provides the possibility in our webshop to pay with credit card. In case of credit card payment, you will be redirected to the bank's payment page, therefore the payment is not made in our webshop, but directly in the page operated by the bank in accordance with the rules and regulations of the international card companies.

The webshop does not, in any way, possess or examine data associated with your card and bank account.

Please prepare your credit card. You will need to enter the following information to make online credit card payment:

• Card number (13-19 digit number embossed or printed on the front of the card)
• Expiry date (embossed or printed on the front of the card in MM/YY format)

• Security code (Flip your card over and look at the signature box. You should see the last three digits of a sequence of numbers. This 3-digit code is your security code {CVV2 or CVC2}. In case there is no such code on your card, please leave this field blank in the payment page.)

You can pay in our webshop using the following types of cards:

• MasterCard (embossed)
• Visa (embossed)
• American Express (embossed)
• Electron (not embossed) – In case of these types of cards, it is up to the issuing bank to enable online credit card payment. If your bank enables online credit card payment, you can naturally pay with your Electron card. For more information, please contact your bank. Generally, Electron cards issued by OTP Bank are acceptable.
• Maestro – the OTP Bank online payment page will accept all Maestro cards from any banks, provided that the issuing bank supports e-commerce transactions made with Maestro cards.

Please consult with your bank!

To improve safety of online card acceptance, OTP Bank introduced the Verified by Visa/MasterCardSecure Code (VbV/MSC) service which provides another, additional layer of authentication. This extra safety measure clearly identifies the person using the card.

In case the VbV/MSC service is not available at your bank, the payment process shall not be affected. You will be redirected to OTP Bank's payment page where you will enter the data (card number, expiry date, verification code) found on your card thus paying for the desired products/services.

In case the VbV/MSC service is available at your bank, and you take this opportunity, the payment process will be changed. You will still have to enter the data (card number, expiry date, verification code) found on your card into the OTP Bank’s payment page.

Then, OTP Bank will redirect you to the appropriate page of your bank, where you will have to finalize the authentication process. Following successful authentication, the payment transaction proceeds and you will be notified about the success of the transaction, and then be directed back to the webshop. In case the authentication is not done, the transaction will be aborted.