General Terms and Conditions


Company name: DYAN Shoe Design Kft.
Registration number: 18-09-113397
VAT number: HU 26138741
Tel.: +36 20 50 99 33 7
Customer service: 2. Deák Street, 9737 Bük ,Hungary

Our webshop allows users to purchase without registration. To browse and view contents such as texts and products, there is no need to sign up to Dyan webshop.

Order steps, prices

Placing an order constitutes a binding written agreement in Hungarian, which is made between the Customer and the DYAN Shoe Design Kft. keeps records of all orders and provides customers access to them upon request.

Products purchased in webshop shall be prohibited to resell. In case of interest in this regard, please contact us via phone or e-mail.

Whether in list view or product view, items can easily be added to the cart by clicking on the 'Add to cart ' button, which does not yet mean ordering. When you have finished adding products to your cart, please proceed to ‘Cart’ where you can review, modify and even cancel your order. Once the order is placed, it is not possible to change the items. Upon receiving the order webshop will send the customer a confirmation email.

Prices and other information shown regarding the products shall not constitute an offer, it is only a call to the customer to make an offer. By ordering, performed by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button, the customer will submit a binding offer to enter into a purchase agreement with webshop. The purchase agreement shall enter into effect once the confirmation email has been sent.

Displayed prices are inclusive of VAT, but exclusive of shipping charges.

Placing orders is possible by ’electronic means’ through the webshop.

Orders made via fax, e-mail or mail shall not be accepted.

The purchase price of products shown applies to 1 piece (in case of footwear: a pair)

Actual product colors may vary from colors shown on our website due to the graphical settings of your monitor. The dimensions are approximate.

Using the webshop

The visitor is associated with the DYAN Shoe Design Kft. while using the webshop. Using the webshop is free of charge and is used at the visitors own risk. The visitor who causes any technical failure of the site, or the system that provides the contents of the site to visitors and other persons, shall be liable for all damages incurred because of such failure.

Payment methods

The payment method can be selected before placing the order. If the system displays a false price due to some technical issue, we will get in touch with the customer via phone.

1.Cash on delivery
   The amount shall be paid off by cash upon home-delivery. The courier can accept cash up to 500000 HUF.
   This option is only available in Hungary!

2.Online credit card payment via Simple Pay - OTP Bank

3. Upfront bank transfer to the account number specified in the confirmation email

From countries outside of Hungary, payment is possible only in Euros using either online credit card payment via OTP Bank, or upfront bank transfer.

The purchase price shown for a given merchandise is the final retail price, inclusive of VAT.

If there is not enough balance on the credit or debit card, we reserve the right to invoice you for the costs incurred.


By clicking the Redirect button the Customer accepts DYAN Shoe Design Kft. (Hungary,9737 Bük Deák street 2.) at to provide the following personal data stored in its user database to OTP Mobile Ltd. (1093 Budapest, Közraktár utca 30-32.) Provided data: family name, given name, country, phone number, e-mail address. 

The purpose of data transmission: customer support for users, confirming transactions and fraud-monitoring for users defence. 


Your warranty claims associated with the product is only valid with the original invoice sent by the DYAN Shoe Design Kft.

The warranty time is 12 months from the moment you have received the product (successful delivery).

The seller’s warranty liabilities are specified by the procedural rules in the Civil Code and the Decree No 19/2014. (IV.29.) NGM.

Warranty will stand null and void:

if damages are caused by not using the product according to instructions given in the instruction manual,

in the event of loss, or, if damage, injury results from abuse, willful act or default by the customer,

if damage is caused to the product due to an attempt by the customer – or any other person not affiliated with DYAN Shoe Design Kft. – to repair defects specified in the instruction manual (known to customer) due to which discount was given.

The webshop reserves the right to change prices; furthermore, we shall not be responsible for errors – whether typographical or technical – beyond our control. The webshop reserves the right to terminate discount sales without notice.

Any modification will be in effect from the moment it can be seen online in the webshop.

Shipping and delivery

All domestic orders will be delivered by GLS courier services to the address provided upon order.

Domestic delivery fee is 2000 HUF which is automatically added to the order amount. This charge is highlighted in the 'Cart' area, as well as in the confirmation email. Delivery time is 1-5 working days if merchandise is available on stock.

In case of delivery outside of Hungary, 'Cash on delivery' option is not available. Payment is possible only by online credit card payment via OTP Bank, or by upfront bank transfer.

Following the online credit card payment, GLS courier services will deliver the product in 1-5 working days. Delivery fee to European destinations is 19 Euros, while it is 85 Euros to non-European countries. This charge is automatically added to the order amount and highlighted in the 'Cart' area, as well as in confirmation emails.

Upon completion of the order (at the time of home-delivery), the customer or recipient is required to check the integrity of the package. In case the package has been damaged, the customer and the courier shall check the package together item by item and sign the minutes made about the package opening (any defects must be noted in the minutes). Complaints concerning defects not listed in the minutes shall not be accepted.

As soon as possible, the buyer is responsible to check the contents of the package item by item in order to verify that the items on the invoice are the same as what was ordered and delivered. If you experience any problems in this regards, please contact us at without delay so that we can mitigate the issues.

In all cases, the invoice will be issued via 'electronic means' to the email address associated with your order. The delivered package contains the parcel registration form, instruction manuals and the exchange & return form. In most cases, all products in webshop are readily available on stock. In the event that the ordered product is not on stock, webshop will contact the buyer and the order may change or the paid amount may be reimbursed. We reject any compensation for non-availability of products.

Replacement for returned goods 

In the event that the products you have received are not to your liking for any reason and you would like an exchange, you can return them to us in which case you will need to pay the postage costs. We will bear the postal charges of the replacement product. You can apply for an exchange within 14 days after delivery contacting our email address, or, sending us the enclosed exchange & return form along with the product to be replaced. 

1.a. You can spend the value of your returned product, and you can choose additional products. In this case, GLS courier services will deliver the chosen replacement product, and you can give the product to be returned to the courier. The cost for this replacement package is 2000 HUF and borne by the customer. Please contact our email address to order the replacement product.

b. You can spend the value of your returned product, and you can apply for an exchange sending us the enclosed exchange & return form along with the product to be replaced. In the exchange & return form, you can provide the name of the new product, or any change in color or size. We will send you the new product within 4-6 days of receiving the parcel from you.

2. You can send us the product to be replaced along with the enclosed exchange & return form in which you can specify your reasons. If your parcel was delivered with ‘Cash on delivery’ option, please provide your bank account number so that we can transfer you the reimbursement. If you choose this approach, please send the parcel to the following address: DYAN Shoe Design Kft. BÜK, Deák street 2. ,HUNGARY case of online credit card payment, we will charge back the amount to your bank account in within 14 days.

In the event that your bank account number changed since the purchase, please send us your new one. 


You are entitled to withdraw from this contract in 14 days without justification. Similarly, you are entitled to cancel the contract for providing services within 14 days after contract commencement.

If you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal you are required to send a clear statement regarding your intentions to any of our contact information listed on top (mail, fax, e-mail).

You can use the below cancellation notice template:

Notice of Cancellation
(fill in and return if you wish to cancel the contract)

Recipient: (provide the contact information of the enterprise (name, address. telephone and fax number, e-mail)

We the undersigned, by right of termination, cancel our contract regarding the below products or services:

Contract sign and commencement date (including short description of the product or service):

Customer name:

Customer address:

Customer signature (in case of a declaration made on paper):

Place and Date

You can successfully put in practice your right of withdrawal by submitting a notice of cancellation before the expiry of the aforementioned deadline. webshop is obliged to pay the full purchase price only if the parcel is returned unopened, undamaged, and complete. If the product label or the packaging is damaged, the product can no longer be sold as new. Therefore, only parcels in their original condition can be taken back.

The customer will be reimbursed in person, or via bank transfer.

The Seller may claim compensation for damages resulting from improper use of the goods.

Legal effects of cancellation

In case you cancel this contract we will reimburse all costs incurred, including delivery (excluding the cost of returning the product to us) within 14 days after we received your notice of cancellation

The amount will be reimbursed to you using the same payment method used in the original transactions, unless you explicitly approve other means of payment; alternate payment methods incur no additional charges.

Limitation of Liability

We assume that browsing and purchasing in webshop entails user awareness of the limitations and capabilities of Internet, particularly with regard to technical performance and the resulting errors. webshop is not responsible in any way for any damages, whether they are direct or indirect, which occurred during or because of the connection to webshop. 

The user is responsible to protect data stored on their computer from intruders. webshop will not be held liable for any fraud by a third party at the expense of a user.

In the event that a user violates the rules in any way, webshop will cancel the user’s registration, order, and purchase; furthermore, said user will not be entitled to appeal against the decision.

By ordering and purchasing in webshop every customer acknowledges that they accept these general terms and conditions, the conditions of the purchase, and that they are aware of the ordering process.

The order will only be accepted or registered if all required fields in the order page have been fully filled in with true data. webshop will not be held liable for damage resulting from false data provided, or for any technical problems arising during the order process.

Any part of the website – including image and text content – can only be used if sources are clearly cited and has provided prior written consent. Similarly, a prior written consent must be obtained from to create any hyperlink to webshop 

The order constitutes an electronically concluded contract between the two parties, pursuant to Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code, and Act CVIII of 2001 on Electronic Commerce and on Information Society Service. The contract is covered by the particular regulations of 45/2014 (II.26.) on Ordinance of Contracts between Consumer and Seller, and it complies with the Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and Counsel on the rights of the consumers.

Data Protection

The customer is required to provide those information only, which are essential to conclude the purchase. This data is treated confidentially and shall not be passed on to third parties. An exception to this is information that are absolutely necessary for successful delivery of the product.